Benefit Source - Insuring San Antonio and All of Texas

Benefit Source is a San Antonio based Group Insurance provider. We represent over 20 health care providers, allowing us to offer the most competitive health packages in the industry.

Our unique tools allow company administrators and human resource benefits administrators access to manage their employees.

Our Mission

We help companies and individuals find the best health insurance package for their needs. We continue to be a leader in bringing the best and most cost-effective health care solutions.

We work hard to provide companies and members with information and resources to help them make informed decisions about their health options.

We specialize in employee benefits, disability, and life insurance.

Recent News & Updates

Can My Life Insurance Company Ever Cancel My Policy?

If you have purchased whole life insurance, your policy should continue in effect until you die, at which time death benefits are paid to your beneficiaries. If you have purchased term life insurance, it should continue until the expiration date of the policy. Although you can cancel your life insurance policy at any time, the insurance company can only cancel for specific reasons. For example,...

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There is no minimum amount you are required to contribute to your 401(k). However, there are suggested amounts to help maximize your retirement potential. There is a maximum amount you are allowed to contribute to a 401(k) annually, as established under federal law. What Are the Suggested Amounts for 401(k) Contributions? By the time you reach age 35, some financial experts say you should have...